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What Does VolumeX Bot Offer?

At VolumeX, we are on a mission to revolutionize the way token projects manage their trading volume and increase their holder base on the Solana blockchain.

VolumeX offers a suite of on-chain bots designed to strategically increase volume and holder acquisition, propelling your project towards growth.

Our Service Bots

We are a collective of DeFi architects driven to equip Solana projects with powerful growth mechanisms.

SolanaVolumeX Bot

Effortlessly scale your token's on-chain activity through strategic buy and sell automation. Enhance exchange visibility and attract organic trading interest.

SolanaHolderX Bot

Expand your token's holdership by acquiring up to 6000 holders from a diverse pool of wallets to cultivate a strong community of engaged believers in your project's vision.

VOLX Utilities

VolumeX Bot

This bot increases your token’s trading volume within minutes as set by you. Key features include automated trading with configurable parameters, granular control to customize trade size and target volume as needed for optimal results.

SolanaHolderX Bot

SolanaHolderX will increase the number of holders for your token up to 6,000 wallets utilizing secure mechanisms to ensure responsible token distribution among wallets. Its results are verifiable on any blockchain scanner.

Why VolumeX

Decentralized Automation

Our on-chain bots operate autonomously, ensuring transparency and immutability within the Solana ecosystem.

Built for growth

VolumeX goes beyond basic automation. You can execute multi-faceted setups and strategies for the volume generation, holder acquisition, and community building.

Easy to Use

Manage your bot strategy directly through Telegram, a familiar and convenient platform for the DeFi community.


Total supply


Token Symbol




70% Presale

Public presale


14% Liquidity Pool

Locked Liquidity for VOLX


8% Advisors & Partners

Advisors and Partnership costs


4% (locked) CEX Listing

Centralized Exchange Listings


4% (locked) Team

Development, Security, KYC.



Q2 2024

  • Release of Website & Socials
  • Release of VolumeX Bot
  • Release of HolderX Bot
  • VOLX Token Presale on UPEX
  • VOLX Token Launch on Raydium
  • Post Launch Marketing
  • Commencement of Buybacks & Burns
  • Partnerships with Industry Leaders and KOLs
  • CMC/CG and other Listings
  • Bot Upgrades
  • Integrate more chains like Base, Arbitrum, BSC on the Trading Volume Platform

Q3 2024

  • More Partnerships
  • Security and UI/UX upgrades
  • More Marketing Push
  • Expand Bot user base
  • Team expansion
  • CEX Listings

Q4 2024

  • Expand platform revenue sources
  • More Marketing Push
  • Community activities
  • Further improvement on UI/UX designs
  • Increase user base
  • Increase bot revenue
  • Onboard more KOLs
  • More CEX Listings and Partnerships